I’m back and I’m on fire… ouch, better put that out.

Just had dinner entirely from a tin, it was great, (in student terms anywho).  I lead such an interesting life. Maybe this is why I gave up blogging before…

Anyway,  until next time, ciao.


Forgot I had this… I’m back.

This annoyed me somewhat, as I’m going to be going to Exeter University in a few weeks time and I’m waiting to hear – through the post – about my accommodation. However the postal strike has delayed all this. It isn’t even an official strike. The workers have now gone back to work. But to be honest – go back to work and stay at work, if you’re not happy with the pay and other conditions – stop working there and find a better job. Don’t take it out on other people.

Just realised it was the Queens birthday a few days ago… lol. I don't care much for royals. They don't really do much apart from open things and read speaches written for them by other people. I guess they give the papers a bit to write about sometimes, but other than that they just waste states money. They get paid for doing pretty much nothing… We'd be much better without a royal family. Vive le Revolution!


Just watched this film, sooo funny all the way through, some classic quotes, well worth a watch, only thing is the ending isn't so god. The guy gets laid (well its bound to happen isnt it) and it goes all cheesy and they get married and all dance about singing its the age of the aquarius or something :S strange and too happy and soppy lol.

(Also just made a big damn tasty cheese and pickle sandwich :D)


Kind of a response to Sam's post Thursdays Exams, I also had similar exams last thursday, Physics in the morning and then Maths in the afternoon but only C4 rather than both because my C3 exam was earlier in the week. In my C4 exam though there was a volumes of revolution questions and I knew exactly how to do it, but then had to integrate 9sin^2(x), (thats 9 sine squared x) and i was screwed lol. Couldn't remember how to do it.

Alas I don't have a photo for you just yet, maybe later. Until then I really should be getting on with some revision for the 2 Biology modules I have to take on Tuesday, pfftsh, I only need C's this year 😀


Wooa, haven't been here since the end of April, I guess lifes been busy and stuff. I kinda forgot about all this too. Hmm I wonder what photo I can put up, I will think about it and do it tomorrow, that will give me something to do to avoid working solidly for my Bio exams which are on Tuesday *yawns*.

On the topic of work, just when I should be looking for a summer job before I go to uni, i sent off a letter saying I'm leaving my current job. Oh well. I'm just bored of working, and I'm not very good at sales, I'm too nice to make people buy things they just dont really want.